Features & Benefits



1. Fully integrated in Microsoft Excel1. ExcelFuse is fully integrated in Microsoft Excel and benefits from all features integrated in Microsoft Excel. No need for a specific training of the "End" user
2. Application and database independent2. ExcelFuse can be used with the most common databases and applications
3. Data you extract can be real-time data3. No need to save Excel Spreadsheets with outdated data
4. ExcelFuse provides a large numbers of objects witch can be used to design screens based on your needs without a single line of code4. The design time is very short. You don’t spent time and money and you get exactly what you want
5. ExcelFuse Objects can be used to design queries. These queries can be based on "data entry" or "data selection" from the different objects5. This enables you to extract exactly the data you need to take the right decisions for your business
6. ExcelFuse objects can interact between each other6. This feature enables you to automate tasks
7. Microsoft VBA can be used together with Excelfuse7. This enables you to design very complex applications based on ExcelFuse events
8. Possibility to update data in your database8. In some cases and if allowed it can be interesting to update data in your database
9. Possibility to import/export files from/to other WinFuse applications9. Easy to swap a designed screen from one WinFuse application to another