About WinFUSE

WinFUSE is a Belgian company specialized in « Business Intelligence » permitting the interconnection between different databases in the Microsoft® Word & Excel environment. Its office is in Brussels in the center of Europe. Contact information can be found here.

The products enable companies to extract information from their multiple databases. The benefit is an easy access and update possibility through a known interface. Queries are a lot easier to implement, even for users with less database knowledge. The term « management cockpit » is sometimes used in this domain. 

It enables, in particular, the optimal fusion with all databases and Microsoft® Word and Excel office tools. The merging of your data with these everyday tools will greatly enhance your efficiency. 

WinFUSE organises the recuperation of your data from all types of software applications. The potential of your databases are therefore exploited to their maximum. 

The WinFUSE offer includes a range of solutions adapted to your needs and totally integrated in to your computer environment. Your acquired experience with Word and Excel is fully appreciated and avoids the necessity to learn the usage of other tools. 

For the installation of WinFUSE as a plug-in in the Microsoft® office suite, you need an installed  version of Microsoft® Office 2000 or any later version.