Features & Benefits



1. Fully integrated in Microsoft Word1. Microsoft Word is the standard Editor of WordFuse wich is used by everyone and uses the power of Microsoft Word. No need for a specific training of the "End" user
2. Use of standard word document as template (example : Invoice, Contract...)2. Easy to use a standard, existing Word document as template, witch will not need any specific application to be used
3. Application and database independant3. WordFuse can be used with the most common databases and applications
4. WordFuse provides objects like Textbox, NumericBox, DatePicker, Combobox and Datacombobox to design queries4. The queries to the database not only occurs a "Merge-time" but are based on "data entry" or "data selection"
5. WordFuse has a very powerfull "Intelligent" tool build-in to extract the data from the different database tables5. Data extraction can occur from different tables witch can have a one-to-one relation or a one-to-many relation without any problems.
- In a one-to-one case : no problem to correct data will be extracted from the second, linked table
- In a one-to-many case : you will have a datacombo with the different items coming from the second table to make your choice
6. "Data extraction" selection time6. - Data extraction can be at "Merge time" : to create templates.
- Data extraction can be at "Field selection time" : to have an immediate result
7. Use of word tables to make a list of items coming from your databases7. You will not only have the possibility to extract single data but also a list of items witch can be needed for your document
8. Use of "Graphs"8. "Graphs data" can be updated with data coming from your tables
9. WordFuse has its own powerful Mail-merge function9. The Mail-merge function of WordFuse benefits of course of the whole power and functionality of WordFuse
10. A "QueryBuilder" is at your disposal to design and store filters for data selection and Mail-merge conditions10. Complex querries can be made by a specialist and stored for later use